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  • Driving the business value of your data with digital.
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  • Experience NTT DATA’s “Data to Intelligence”,
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Driving digital innovation through advanced ideas,
and formulating an analytics strategy are both key for business agility.
NTT DATA's "data to intelligent" analytics solutions helps you do so.

pay only for what clients
use - pay-as-you-go
pay only for what clients use - pay-as-you-go
Reduce development cost
and work efficiently with API
Reduce development cost and work efficiently with API
Open Innovation Platform
Platform connects industries and co-creates business model
Structured Data +
Unstructured Data
Reduce development cost
and work efficiently with
Next Generation DB
Reduce development cost and work efficiently with Next Generation DB
Data to Intelligence
Data management scheme stores & manages
various types of data to drive the business value
NTT Data’s value to clients
Use Case

Use Case



Data to Intelligence

  • XBRL
    Provide ad hoc data extraction and visualization for XBRL without maintenance even if taxonomy change or different. Support use and analysis from various ways including using non-numerical data as well as numerical data.
  • Customer Engagement Hub
    Gather customer information across a multitude of channels across voice, email, chat, SNS. It formulates an analytics strategy in terms of 360-degree view of the customer and KYC. By engaging customers with a cutting-edge chat experience, it links customer information such as purchase history, gender, etc from other systems to make choices more relevant.
  • Intelligent Crawler
    Our technology gathers and analyzes various types of data from the Internet and Social Media using different methods depending on respective objectives. It provides business process automation and supports to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Data Discovery
    Many companies struggle with gathering and integrating "structured-data silo".
    NTT DATA helps such companies utilize all the structured and unstructured data, which is a long-awaited revolution.
  • MarkLogic
    MarkLogic is your Operational and Transactional Enterprise NoSQL Database. MarkLogic is a database designed for NoSQL speed and scale, without sacrificing the enterprise features required to run mission-critical, operational applications.
  • ICA(Intelligent Contents Analysis)
    Unified data management by adding meaning to data as a tag allows information visualization based on multiple viewpoints such as customer, product and so on.



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