Our Thought


"How to accelerate the business? How to leverage data or IT to be competitive"

NTT DATA creates new values by utilizing “Silo structured data” and “unstructured data” which is not been taken advantage of.
Data is basic source to grasp a change of society and customer in the digital society.
Utilization of various familiar data deriving from everyday activites, is the exact key factor to make the company competitive.

In this great era which anyone can challenge the utilization of data, "Agility" and "Flexibility" is the very important factor.
Activation of the data which has ever been utilized is neccessary.
NTTDATA generates progressive solutions to the world from Japan with the world- class advanced technologies which NTT group has.

  • wide various data
  • elemental technology
  • business growth
  • Intelligent Data Fusion
    Implement a single view with necessary processing from receipt of data to utilization.
  • Intelligent Search
    Realizes machines to search information just like how people do.
  • Intelligent Analysis
    Achieve an overwhelming speed for the data utilization, to say nothing of the linkage with analysis tools.
  • Intelligent Know Your 3rd Party
    Integrate and visualize a wide variety of data from various view points - Provides new insights into business activities


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