Data Discovery



  • Credit card issuer company, "X"

    Follow phased upgrades of related system

    By adopting NOSQL DB, company X has achieved new release of informational system three times in 3 years, following the phased upgrades of enterprise system with the same frequency.

  • Tier-1 bank (overseas office of a G-SIB), "Y"

    Adapt to the changes of regulatory reporting

    Local supervisor's requirement for regulatory reporting changes. Bank "Y" stores raw data in NOSQL DB and responds to it rapidly and cost-efficiently by NTT DATA's "Data Discovery".

  • food manufacturer "Z"

    Integrate DWHs due to corporate merger

    Company "Z" analyzes the sales data per product, channel and so on. Because of corporate merger, NOSQL DB is the key to harmonize different code schemes for integrated data analysis.


  • I have no experience with NOSQL database. Tell me about the characteristics and how to use it.
    Upon your request, NTT DATA can propose an invitation to seminar, hosting a study session, support for initial introduction review, hands-on, POC and so on.
    Feel free to reach out to us.
  • If I have to harmonize my data anyway, I would do it from the beginning and put the schema and data into relational database.
    You are correct if you can fix business requirements before the systems development (and also you don't have unstructured data).
    Since more rapid data analysis is required, traditional "pay first and use later" approach tends not to meet most of recent business needs. NTT DATA focuses on NOSQL technology, since it provides "small start", "when needed, pay needed" approach to develop an information database.


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