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  • What language does speech recognition engine support?
    It currently supports Japanese. As for English and Chinese, please feel free to ask us.
  • Do you provide solutions as one package? Or is it possible to get started with one of the solutions?
    Yes, it is. You can get started with either "speech recognition", or for the purpose of data consolidation, or both. Please feel free to contact us and tell us your story.
  • In case that speech recognition engine has been already implemented, do you still support for FAQ engine or data consolidation?
    Off course we do. We do have an interface to your exisitng system as well as to the other systems.
  • Do you work on cloud platform, or on on-premise?
    We do work on both environment. For cloud, we run our solutions on "OpenCanvas™"-community cloud.
  • Other than web interface, what kinds of interface do chatbot solution support?
    We support "LINE" application.


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